From City Hall to the halls of Congress, the Little Rock Regional Chamber is the voice of business for the region, at all levels of government. The chamber works to advance policies and legislation to create and sustain an environment in which businesses thrive.  We communicate constantly with elected officials to be sure that your interests are protected and served.

In the past, Arkansas’ highly informed business community has led the fight against big labor’s attempt to do away with the secret ballot in union elections. This effort, spearheaded by the chamber, was praised by the Wall Street Journal and other publications.

We understand how important it is for your business interests to be represented in government. After the expenses of employee payroll and benefits, the highest costs to business are typically those associated with taxes and governmental regulations. Despite the importance to business in this area, most businesses cannot afford to retain a full-time lobbyist to protect their interest.

The Little Rock Regional Chamber fills that role for its members, serving as the interface between the business community and government at all levels. To that end, the chamber’s priority in the public arena is simple and straightforward – to promote policies which increase its members’ profits.

For more information, contact Buckley O’Mell, Vice President, Advocacy, 501.377.6005.