Why should you join the chamber?

Chamber of commerce organizations have been trusted allies of business in the United States since 1912. In this digital era, the first resource utilized by prospective businesses and residential newcomers, along with visitors and prospective members, is the chamber’s website. Our mobile site puts your business in the pockets of customers and clients all day, every day. The chamber’s daily updates and posts grow your network and connect your business to thousands of others through social media. We continue to add and enhance the valuable marketing opportunities that will benefit your business. This schedule includes:

  • Offering and receiving Member-to-Member (M2M) Coupons;
  • Listing of your events on chamber’s homepage on Member Events
  • Competing for fellow members’ business and having them compete for yours with BusinessConnect

The Little Rock Regional Chamber invests in programming that will help you keep your competitive edge. In an era of rapidly changing challenges for businesses, the chamber is an evolving resource that keeps you current, relevant, and enhances your ability to grow.


The chamber offers training and networking opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

That said, even in this fast-paced world of digital and social marketing, nothing builds a relationship better than a face-to-face meeting. When emails and phone calls fail you, the chamber can facilitate a handshake with your next customer through high-interest and heavily-attended networking events.

Lastly, if you believe that the economy is a key driver in our community, then you believe in the chamber’s core mission of fostering the economic growth and development in the Little Rock region to ensure that business and industry may operate profitably and enhance the earning opportunities and quality of life for every citizen.