Labor and Workplace 
The Little Rock Regional Chamber’s top public policy priority is defeating the Employee Free Choice Act (aka Union Card Check). To that end, the chamber:
  • Supports protecting workers’ rights to a secret ballot in union elections
  • Aggressively opposes any form of binding arbitration in contract negotiations
  • Opposes enhanced access to employees by union organizers
  • Supports employees’ rights to form a union under the current National Labor Relations Act
  • Opposes legislation that would expose workers to intimidation, deception and coercion 

The Little Rock Regional Chamber supports increasing and diversifying America’s energy supply while utilizing proven energy sources. To that end, the chamber:
  • Supports expansion of nuclear energy which is the largest source of zero-emissions electricity
  • Supports policies to ensure a diversified fuel mix to manage energy price and supply risks for consumers, as the U.S. cannot rely on any one source of energy to meet the future electricity demands
  • Supports creation of a national energy policy
  • Supports increasing energy efficiency and modifying the regulatory framework to align incentives for utility provision of energy efficiency
  • Opposes legislation that would place American businesses at a competitive disadvantage in the global marketplace
  • Supports reducing the environmental impact of energy consumption and production including the research, development and commercialization of carbon capture and sequestration technology
  • Supports responsive and innovative regulation to ensure a reliable source of electricity for consumers and financially healthy utilities which in turn supports thriving economic development outcomes for the region 

Immigration Reform 
The Little Rock Regional Chamber strongly supports comprehensive, national immigration reform. To that end, the chamber:
  • Supports allowing for seasonal and low-skilled workers
  • Supports a fast, reliable employment verification system
  • Opposes mass deportation and amnesty for undocumented workers
  • Supports measures to secure our borders 

The Little Rock Regional Chamber supports removing trade barriers abroad and keeping our markets open at home. 

America’s infrastructure directly affects our economic and social well-being. Every day, we rely upon our roads, bridges, transit, rail, water, waste and other infrastructure to survive and thrive. Despite our dependence on it, we have permitted our infrastructure to become stretched beyond its capacity.

Recently, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave a cumulative grade of “D” to the nation’s infrastructure, stating, “For the safety and security of our families, we can no longer afford to ignore the congested roads, aging dams, broken water mains, and deficient bridges we face every day. The quality of life for this and future generations depends on our willingness to rise to the challenge.”

The National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Commission concluded in its report, Transportation for Tomorrow, “We need to invest at least $225 billion annually from all sources for the next 50 years to upgrade our existing system to a state of good repair and create a more advanced surface transportation system to sustain and ensure strong economic growth for our families. We are spending less than 40 percent of this amount today.”

The Little Rock Regional Chamber supports robust, reliable, effective funding for all forms of infrastructure – roads, bridges, transit, rail, waterways, water, waste, and beyond. We must insist upon courageous and visionary action now. Our infrastructure requires it, our economy needs it, and we all stand to gain.

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