Economic Development
The Little Rock Regional Chamber is the region’s leader for economic development. To that end, the chamber supports:
    • Creation of a permanent economic development funding source at the local level
    • Continued funding of the Governor’s Quick Action Closing Fund
    • Elimination of sales tax on natural gas and electricity used in the manufacturing process
    • Enhancing the Arkansas Economic Development Commission’s, Arkansas Science and Technology Authority’s, and the Arkansas Development Finance Authority’s programs, incentives, and resources
    • Legislative priorities of Accelerate Arkansas to raise the state’s per capita income to the national average by 2020

The economic development of the region is dependent on a strong, viable public school system. To that end, the chamber supports:
  • Increasing voter turnout in school board elections by moving the date of the election to the primary or general election date
  • An orderly transition of public education in Pulaski County following the end of the desegregation lawsuit
  • Education reforms enacted by Act 649 of 2003 

Public Safety 
The chamber supports:
  • Increasing County reimbursement rates for State prisoners
  • A new, dedicated revenue source for the Pulaski County jail
  • Innovative improvements to state and local prevention, intervention, and treatment efforts
  • Timely transfer of state prisoners in the Pulaski County jail to Department of Corrections facilities 

Labor and Workplace 
The chamber opposes:
  • Attempts to enact a Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act
  • Legislation that requires public or private employers to withhold union dues from employee paychecks
  • Any attempt to repeal, reverse, or limit the Arkansas Right to Work law Energy Coming Soon 

Tort Reform
The chamber supports:
  • Protecting the legal reforms enacted by Act 649 of 2003 Workers’ Compensation
  • Protecting the workers’ compensation reforms enacted by Act 796 of 1993 

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